Project Documentation

Get Started

Documentation can be written as rst files in the osler/docs/_source.

To build and serve docs, use the commands:
docker-compose -f local.yml up docs

Changes to files in docs/_source will be picked up and reloaded automatically.

Sphinx is the tool used to build documentation.

Docstrings to Documentation


This functionality is not currently working. It is here for reference in the future only.

The sphinx extension apidoc is used to automatically document code using signatures and docstrings.

Numpy or Google style docstrings will be picked up from project files and availble for documentation. See the Napoleon extension for details.

For an in-use example, see django-cookiecutter’s users.rst.txt documentation.

To compile all docstrings automatically into documentation source files, use the command:
make apidocs
This can be done in the docker container:
docker run --rm docs make apidocs